5 Proven Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis or Knee Pain- Do it Yourself

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 5 proven exercises for reducing or eliminating the pain of arthritis in your knees.

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Christina Von Heidenstam says:

i do walkings every day

Christina Von Heidenstam says:

i will test this

Tracey Poynter says:

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tg halsted says:

This is very good info….love what you guys do! Thank you 😀


I have been searching the internet for exercises with no luck at all well today is my lucky day Thank You brad and Bob. I will do these religiously.

Joanne Poon says:

Been doing the strenghtening exercises during the pendemic, it worked well on me. Recently i managed to have 3.5hour trekking, it is totally fine on my knee.Thank you very much for the video. Im 64 cycling and trekking are my love, so happy i can go back again.

Rita Plantamura says:

Thank you for sharing

Cathrine Labuschagne says:

That too painful 😣

Blesso Okezie says:

Visit Doctor Ani John herbalhome on YouTube channel he cured mine permanently within 12days with his natural herbs and root

Andi Elliott says:

I ride my bike daily…a few very minor inclines involved…and my knees begin hurting. Wonder if I should stop riding???

Lala Land says:

Easy peasy fellas! Nice to find something my poor knees can handle that will actually help!

Victor Victoria says:

These guys are awesome brat is handsome and bob charming a sight for sore eyes .

Yvonne Yetman says:

I have so much pain in my knees I feel like I am getting very bowed when I walk The inside of my knees are always very tender as well Thanks

Ralph Fenortner says:

Thank you both so much! I appreciate your videos.

Stan Cobb says:

I love you guys, but as a musician, that theme song gave my ears arthritis 🤣😂😅

Bobbie Mahaffey says:

RA is in my knees , hips hands feet I feel like I should just give up ! My knees are killing me

Shebual Tony says:

Thank you so much Bob & Brad for sharing these wonderful exercises.

I was diagnosed with Mild Arthritis due to over cycling and was recommended PT to improve my knee pain.

All the 5 exercises really worked well for me and I could tell my knee is getting stronger day by day.

You people are doing a very great job. Can't appreciate you both enough.

I also love the panache style of your presentation. Many thanks ❤️ once again 🤣.

lorridzak says:

I’m only part way into this video so this question may be answered but how often and how many reps?

Neelam Panjwani says:

Thanks a lot, very useful tips

Dawood Khan says:

God bless you both guy. I shall try all your said exercise .thank you

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