3 Safe Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

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Here are 3 Sciatica Exercises you can do for pain relief. The most important thing is to stop doing any of these if they cause you extra pain. To get 3 Posture Exercises go here: https://bit.ly/2GJs47Z

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AV V says:

I tried one of these and it has partially helped me. surely going to do the rest. thank you for your support and guidance

babzie says:

I feel pain with all of these :/

neilson stone says:

Cat to Cow could describe my wife, just don't tell her I said that.

ismael noble says:

I have a horible pain in my buttok everytime i wake in the morning and prolong sitting,what exercise should i do ,pls advise thank you

Aamir Hussain says:

I have recover from slip disk 90 percent and now I wanna share with u guys maybe it help someone.
Quit porn first beacuse it makes u weak the more weaker u r the more pain u goona feel .
Second Add bone broth in your diet
Third eat eggs white 6 daily and add green veggies
Fourth Try to Avoid diary products beacuse when u have pain u r less active physically and it's difficult to digest for some people and once u have diarea with slip disk u know then what's gonna happen next so try to avoid milk use nuts milk instead .
Do not do such exercise which cause u pain take a good rest and good diet .
Make sure u have orthopedic mattress and pillow .
Do not take cold shower 🚿 if u have lot of pain in back .
The more natural testosterone in men's body the less pain u will feel so DO NOT MASTABURATE IT WILL MAKE UR PAIN WORSE .
And Remember one thing Maybe not today or tomorrow but one day the pain will go away if u start fighting today

F A says:

The instant relief I feel every time after doing these exercises is incredible! I wanna do it every second of my day

Suraj Pradhan says:

is their any permanent solution for sciatica .

Only Adro says:

I can’t believe I go the this pain everyday at work 😔


Im 29 years old I still have 7 months till im 30 well I feel like 99 year old already

Johnny Ruelas says:

My pain is so bad i couldn’t do any of those exercises unfortunately.


It feels like someone stabbed my low back man

Import export service USA China India Europe says:

Hello sciatica guys , take one ibuprofen + massage that affected area with Ayurveda oil . Your pain should go away within 3 days . Ibuprofen x 2 times a day . After you start feeling better make sure to do slow squats for next 30 days ( repeat 3 sets of 10 ) . These squats will definitely help your lower limb & give strength to your lower part of the body from all these injuries. Avoid fap for next 3 months .( if possible don’t do it ever ) . Fap reduces your overall strength of lower part of your body and weakens your lower back & decreases your vision and basically it effects feet, lower back , eyes and skin . You’ll feel like your energy is drained after fapping .

carley says:

my pain has been acting up for the past few days and just trying these exercises a few times is already making the pain go away 🙂 this helps a lot since i’ve been suffering with sciatic pain for years now

arturo urena says:

just watched a vid. for 1/2 hr=crap ! just get to the streaching Xersizes & sell your crappy vid,s later, i,m hurting rt now !

Emily Casey says:

I'm close to having to quit my job because of my back pain and I don't have much hope for being able to find another one that isn't going to cripple me.
I'm going to utilize these excersizes as much as I can to ease my sciatica pain and have some hope again 😩
2.5 million views… I feel for every single one of you..

Alan Chang says:

The pain is so unbearable and is there any success stories out there!

soham deshpande says:

sir is push ups exercise useful for sciatica petient ? or avoid this exercise ?

Sheela Iyer says:

Awesome. They work so good

lyndon ecal says:

Me also i have that pain

kumarasamy pinnapala says:

Excellent brothers ❤️👍

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