Yoga Moves To Relieve Tension in the Neck & Shoulders

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Yoga program manager Judi Bar, demonstrates a series of posture moves to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

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TideOfaMoleculeWeOnceKnew says:

When i drop my neck, i cannot go any direction. 😪

shakiry mclaughlin says:

Thank you sooooo much ma'am definitely instant relief I been doing this routine about 2 years and always help with back pain from my slipped disc and pregnancy back pain

Dina says:

This video is a blessing.

Molly says:

that was amazing, thank you

Jacqueline Reece says:

Thank you Judi !

PatBuckleyracecar says:

My spine surgeon at UC Davis told me that rolling my head like that is a NO NO>

Sandeep Limbu says:


Ann Crichton says:

Thank you for the exercises – 2 I'd never seen before. I also appreciate the quick and articulate explanations for each of them. 💓

Nilanjana Chakraborty says:

Thank you goddess

Real Talk says:

Omg….it was the last stretch 4 Me. It worked! Unfortunately I bn sore 4 2 weeks N tried almost every stretch except that 1. Thank u so much! ❤❤❤

Monika Thakur says:

Thanks this is very useful 😍😍😍

Keri says:

This was so helpful! Thank you so much

Cheryl Keys says:

Great tips. I would like it even more if you did a ten minute video that repeats each position that we can follow along for a full workout.

Treneice Monique says:

Wow thanks relieved my tense shoulders

Fella Xee says:

Instant relief 😀

Sophal Pin says:

Seem like a big gift for me, Appreciate and Thank You,,

Tommy Harris says:

Active isolated stretching (AIS) is much better.

Emily says:

Wow! I’ve been in pain for a while and this helped relieve it quickly

Kamryn G says:

I have had intense shoulder and neck pain for weeks now and in just 4 minutes I have gained so much relief! THANK YOU🙏🏾

Jude Navarro says:

You’re awesome! Thank you for the video

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