Knee Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

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These knee pain relief stretches are great for helping to relieve general knee pain and knee stiffness. The knee stretches are done in real time, so they are easy to follow. Buy a worksheet with these knee stretches:

In general when doing knee stretches (or any kind of stretching), you want to hold most stretches for 30 seconds, and do them 3 times. Sometimes you might not have enough time to go through your whole stretching routine, which can be time consuming. If you are in a hurry, still hold the stretch for 30 seconds, but do less reps.

This video starts with a quick knee warm up for 45 seconds with heel slides and quad sets. These will help loosen up the muscles for the stretches.

Next are calf stretches, hamstring stretches, and IT band stretches, all of which are easy to stretch with a strap, belt, or dog leash. All these muscles cross the knee joint.

Finally, quad stretches and hip flexor stretches also do a great job of helping to relieve knee pain.

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Knee Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine:

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jadon says:

I love you for this

Valentijn Jans says:

What is the name of the stretching band you use? Thanks in advance.

bekkiboop100 says:

Love you woman!! You have helped me with some Osteoarthritis stretching and now the knee help!! I just love it when you say “disclaimer alert” I don’t mean anything inappropriate when I say “love you”, you have genuinely helped me out and I am truly thankful!

Sad_Vegan says:

Thank you ! Just sent this to my mom and I just did it twice!

Zaire Ortiz says:

i’ve been having sudden left knee pain these past couple of weeks, and none of my usual stretches seemed to be doing the trick. These stretches relieved my pain! Thank you for making this video!!

Deb says:

What is the name of strap is being used? These are super helpful!

Melissa Hancox says:

Instant relief ! Thank you x

Uzi_does_it_ says:

I'll simply echo the comment section and say thanks, feels so much better!

Connor Di Maria says:

Thank you, it really helped

Rebecca Atkinson says:

Omg the relief, wish I'd come across this video weeks ago

Mesha Cml Gossip says:

Thanks for this video it fixed my knee pain instantly

Vincent Thrutchley says:

Super informative and easy to follow! Explanations make sense out of recommended actions. Thanks!

Jacob Ledesma says:

17 Yr old soccer athlete here. I had ACL surgery 8 months ago. recently have been some arthritis and scar tissue pains. im getting ready to play my first game and these stretches helped so much. Thank you!

Shi Ying Goh says:

Damn, I feel much better instantly. Thank you, doctor.

Shaquille Sun Fleur says:

Woooooooooooo I got up and started dancing!

Tearz Drops says:

I don’t every comment on YouTube but this is genuinely amazing. I’ve had knee pain for a week now and first three exercises in it’s gone. Im so thankful for this video!!

Adilson pires says:

I injured my knee back in college and it's lingering pain slightly even now and then..thank you I'll give it a Try

niyah mccoy says:

Thank you so much this made my knee feel much better and stretched out

Conn Eee says:

This is great! Thank you so much!!! Helps me so much!

Andy Prado says:

What is the name of the bands? I’d like to get one for my girlfriend

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