Aqua Aerobic Fitness 35 min Water Workout – Intervals Cardio:Toning – No Equipment – ALL LEVELS

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Join Coach Stacy as we get fit together for another fun aqua workout! This one uses NO equipment.
Interval style lasting approx 35 minutes, with underwater views of the exercises. 5 Different cycles that consist of 2 minutes cardio then 1 minute toning which will be repeated twice (each cycle equals 6 minutes). This routine is the workout only, so be sure to warm up and cool down adequately.
Stacy works hard to bring you a variety of exercises to challenge the body and the mind and prevent boredom. Workouts are for all levels; and for instructors looking for ways to spice up your aqua class. Hope you can join in and see what it’s all about. Let’s get AquaFIIT!


Intro: 0:00
Cycle #1: Cardio Jogs 00:55
Cycle #2: Cardio Jacks 07:35
Cycle #3: Cardio Buttkickers 14:07

A workout for any fitness level. Let’s have fun getting AquaFIIT together!
*Please work to your own intensities and take breaks as needed.

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INSTRUCTORS/ Those WITH NO ELECTRONICS BY THE POOL: If you are looking for a workout using NO electronics by the pool, I have a workout that is approximately 45-60 min long that I have created. It is on laminated cards with photos and descriptions in an easy to follow format. Check out my webpage for details:

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Shiro M says:

Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

ميمونة القحطاني says:

Hi. Sorry if I am not good with english. I understood that this is considered a full body workout, am I correct? Also if I wanted to lose weight and tone body in a healthy way than how many times should I do this workout weekly? And what type of workout should I do fortye other days (cardio or resistance) And how many days of rest should I get weekly? Thank you soooooo much

Andrea Batts says:

I just wanna thank you for this. I am very over weight and unhealthy. I can only do water exercises right now for the sake of my joints. This work out makes me feel like I'm actually doing something!

Ebony Fransen says:

I just got a swim spa and this will be perfect thank you so excited to try this!!!

My Name says:

I'm very hypermobile and suffer a lot of joint problems from EDs. The water is awesome for me but its pretty lonely as a super young person (21) in a pool of older people- thank you for making me feel confident and helping me stay motivated ❤️

San Says You Can says:

Thank you Stacy your videos are helping me to be more mobile since my accident.

SSWG says:

Thank you so much for this video. It is perfect for my fitness journey

Carmen Fernández says:

Solo por hoy: listo!!!

crohnjuwelen says:

Thanks. It was powerful in the pool of Denmark 🇩🇰

Evghenia Gehringer says:


Nickybeegee says:

Awesome 👍


Can you estate average calories burned?

Lori Matthiesen says:

I love all the water workouts so I can do these at home! ❤️

Erika Nicholas says:

Great workout! Thank you for posting!

Will Read for Yarn says:

I do this workout 2-4 days a week now. The pendulums hurt my knee, so I do a mix of the others then, but this workout has helped me build my fitness while not hurting my knee. I’ve found so many water aerobics didn’t get my heart rate up much, but this one allows me to adjust the intensity to get it higher. You are a great fitness coach! Thanks!

jen sakra says:

Excellent practice. I would be happy for more underwater shots.

DCharles Hair says:

After a few years absence from the pool I bought a new AquaJogger belt and headend to the pool today. I did this workout (bouyancy belt not needed) this morning! My face never got wet but my head was drenched with sweat! GREWAT WORKOUT!

Cathy Makison says:

Do you have any senior water aerobic vidoes?

The Idea Vault says:

Hi Stacy, what certification do I need to teach this class? Thank you!! – Jessica

Cheryl Von Bergen says:

Very good demonstration, ready to work out with friends!!

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