10 Best Knee Arthritis Exercises for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

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These knee arthritis exercises help the knees become stronger which can help with knee arthritis pain. They might be hard or painful in the beginning, but the stronger you get, the less pain you should have. Purchase an MD moisture wicking t-shirt here: https://amzn.to/32Jr6R8 (affiliate link)

The first exercise is a quad set. This helps strengthen the quadriceps muscles in an isometric way. Next is a bridge. Bridging helps strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, and low back. Then you have hip abduction and hip adduction that work the outer and inner muscles.

Straight leg raises (SLR) and clamshell exercises are often thought more of hip exercises, but they are great for the knee as well.

Now sitting in a chair, you will do hip flexion and knee extension or long arch quads (LAQ). These are also easy to do if you work at a desk all day.

Finally, standing up, you have heel/toe raises and mini squats. These will not only help with knee arthritis pain, but they will also help with balance and gait.

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10 Best Knee Arthritis Exercises for Pain Relief:

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Purchase an MD moisture wicking t-shirt here: https://amzn.to/32Jr6R8 (affiliate link)
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Anthony says:

brilliant video and so well presented too , lots of information behind the exercise and how they work , well done .

Steve Szejna says:

Which knee pain video has patella mobs?

Surinder Atwal says:

Can you do this exercise if you have been injected with synovial liquid in your knee?


Every time I have body issues you have the solutions 🙏🏾

Savita Rajeevlochan says:

Just one time and the sore pain around the knee has reduced. Thankyou so much. God bless you 🌺💐

M Lo says:

Thank you so much for your help

Lehcar Garcia says:

Doc I can't bend my right knee..I already had the cortisone shot but still there is pain and I can't bend it..it is swelling for a month now..any thoughts?TIA❤️

Krishankumar Choudhry says:

Excellent exercises

Blessing Nomeh says:

Pls doctor Jo do I need medication to combination with the exercise to get rid of the pains on my knee

Daya Kamat 111 says:

I am a patient of rheumatoid arthritis for past 3 yrs. Last yr my both knees got damaged and I was unable to walk or sit. Now I am taking ayurvedic medicine. But my knees still hurt. Can you please suggest a good exercise? DT

Debbie Early says:

I wonder what band strength she used. Did I miss that?

Donna Richardson says:

can I do this on a bed instead of the floor?

BISWAJIT Moharana says:

Thanks you dr jo for showing ķnee paìn mymother butshe is sufering for nerological promble so what can ido tell me please

Tracy Greenacre says:

These exercises are very helpful Thankyou

seoh leng tay says:

hi.. my problem is osteoarthritis in the knee… is it the same …is your video suitable for me to do for my problem …thank you

It’s Leomania says:

Damm , it worked , I was looking for something for a long time for a pain relief .
Thank you 🙏
Much love from India.

MaryJane Me says:

Sooo, my question is how do I get back up off the floor??? 😂😂

Joanie Davidson says:

this has been amazing, i wasn't sure i was gonna find an instructor that gets to the point and their methods actually work! Here you are though, so thank you so very much!

Tanusri Das says:

Thanks Dr Jo, I am from India. My both knees are effected in osteoarthritis and lumber spondilitis also. I can't walk on road after few minutes. Which exercises are helpful for me? Please suggest

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