Stop Knee Pain Now! 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Knees

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Five of the best home exercises for knee pain presented by a doctor of physical therapy. Perfect for beginners and those experiencing acute pain in their knee. Strengthen and stabilize your knee joint with 5 simple exercises for your quads, hamstrings, and hips.

Be sure to supplement these strengthening exercises with the right stretches for your knees! This 7-minute follow-along stretching routine is what I recommend:


Increasing the strength and function of the muscles that act on the knee joint is a great way to decrease pain, and improve function. Now when we talk about the mechanics of the knee, it’s a relatively simple joint. It flexes (bends) and extends (straightens) and that’s about it. The muscles that are primarily responsible for these two actions include the quadriceps, hamstrings, and one of your calf muscles. Increasing strength and function in these muscles has been proven to have a positive effect on decreasing knee pain.

However, as a doctor of physical therapy and a trained movement specialist, we are taught to find the CAUSE of pain, not just the location. Often times knee pain is simply a manifestation of faulty mechanics either higher or lower in the leg. It’s actually your hip and ankle that primarily determine where your knee joint bends and straightens and therefore play a bigger role in the mechanics at the joint. Improving strength and stability in these areas is vital in knee rehab and decreasing pain in the knee joint.

Presented in this video are the best exercises to increase strength of the muscles that flex and extend your knee as well as those that play a key factor in knee joint mechanics and function.

(2:42) QUAD SET: a simple, sustained contraction to the quadriceps muscle to increase strength and voluntary firing.

(3:43) STRAIGHT LEG RAISE: adding hip flexion to the quad contraction is an effective way to strengthen the knee.

(4:55) SHORT ARC QUAD: adding slight flexion and contracting the quad into terminal extension can be an effective means of strengthening as well as getting the knee joint used to moving again.

(5:59) BRIDGES: Great way to increase glute and hamstring strength without introducing potentially painful motion at the knee.

(7:10) SIDELYING HIP ABDUCTION: arguably the most important hip muscle in terms of knee health and biomechanics.







Matthew Elliman says:

Thank you so very much

Dhanush Wimaladharma says:

I do parkour and I injured my knee while I was learning but I can do the parkour again because of you.

Aron Halifa says:

מעולה מומלץ מאוד

Nikki Sat says:

Thanks. I am an older person, and sometimes have pain in my knees.

Nancy Nahni Goh says:

Thank you for the infos , I am lucky cos I am vegan , I am 63 years younger , I don’t have any problems with my knees cos I took juices of varieties fruits and veggies not everyday yet I took weekly and eat a lot of veggies , for knee pains I drink young sour mango juices without any sweetness just sour mango , then other juices too recently my Achilles started pain , I used stationary bike I cycle for 20 minutes everyday the pain right now

JM Bagay says:

I twisted my knee during my basketball game last week. I'm doing knee rehab exercises for about a week already everyday. I think it gets better and the pain was lessen when I am straighting my knee. How long should I do this so it would recover quickly? Thank you sir!

B01 Amrutha Nikhil says:

Does this help with CRMO

Pro Fighter says:

ROUTINE LINKS WITH HOW TOs – all sets of 10, 1-3 sets per exercise

1) 2:51 quad set / butt on floor, straighten and flex legs / hold 3-5 second count

2) 3:59 straight leg raise / quad set THEN raise / up 12 inches, keep knee straight

3) 5:03 short arc quad / quad set with foam roller (slight bend) / weights ok

4) 6:09 / 6:43 bridges / girl on top / can do one leg at a time (single leg), other leg straight out

5) 7:25 side-lying hip abduction / bottom knee bent top leg straight, lead with heal, raise up/back motion

Becky Gardiner says:

I can't find the link to part 2! Can anyone post it for me?

Faisal Abumarzouq says:

man it was good but the problem is out nine minute video there only 2mins exersise

Tlou Dorcas Mokoka says:

Thank you so much for the information and I thought it is because of old age, but I understand it is because of lack of training that my knee so painful and Istartedtraing ,it feels better and the tightensis becomes less. Thanks a lot

R S says:

After 2 years of online classes, I have offline school now… and I carry a heavy bag and climb 2 floors everyday… My knees feel strained and it feels like there is some sort of an air bubble in my knees, I feel like I should get rid of it by stretching but it hurts a bit… So… I am trying these exercises! I am 13 year old btw. I will try and see if it gets better… I am sure it will get better… I mean by reading the comments, you can tell it works. I am trying these! Thank you!

Brandon Conner says:

Did this exactly as shown & WOW! 1st time since this major knee injury I was able to walk down my stairs without thinking my knee would give out on me! Thanks will be doing these exercises twice a day for the next couple of weeks!

Nobi Nishiya says:

Can you show how to do knee, hip, legs if you have a total knee replacement . It seems to be weak still.

Hemp Life Global says:

If my knee is hurting should I let it rest or is it okay to do the exercises? And would it be okay to hike or walk with knee pain?

I just don’t want to make it worse. Thank you 😊

Jenny Meyer says:

Thank you – I needed some real basics to get started – will this help my knee cap to stabilize. Feels like it drops down and stops my bend

Maharani Hanafy says:

Very clear explane helpful ,Thank you .. 💐

vimal patel says:

got injury on knee muscle, now geting pain after minir overload also. Can we do excercise in pain ?

Emmanuel Onen says:

I have knee sprain and the vain behind the knee how do I make straight?

I have had it since last year June, please help me get back on the pitch. Thank you sir

BG Foreman says:

Does squatting strengthen the knees?

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