Senior Fitness – Low Impact Cardio Workout

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In this workout we’ll be going through some great standing cardio routines that will get your heart rate up and get your body moving and feeling great!

Weekly cardio routines are great for heart health and help keep your body flexible and nimble. Having great cardiovascular health is essential to living an active lifestyle no matter what age you’re at.

The moves and exercises in this video are designed for you to do easily in your own home and doesn’t require any equipment, only you!

This is a full body workout incorporating both upper body and lower body movements from your arms, legs, back and core. All of these elements together will help strengthen your balance which is so important during everyday activities.

Always remember to drink lots of water (have it close by) and only do movements that you feel comfortable with. Never force any discomfort, listen to your body and stay flexible.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith


Carla Toppins says:

The 'Amazing Pace' would be rightly named for this winner. 🏆 Excellent cuing and reminders to breathe, Ty.👍🏽💚🙂

Laura Levitan says:

Thank you Meredith

Gill Jackson says:

Hi Meredith I have been neglecting my exercise regime in the mornings. Although I am walking 6 to 7 kms each week with a group and I have been riding my indoor bike, but not everyday. I have also taken up bowling too. But this is my favourite "wake up" routine. Commiting to this now. At the age of 71 I know I have to take care of myself. By the way I have lost 28 lbs in 15 months since I started plant based eating.

Alyce Batta says:

Love this…thank you…

Sooz Weissberg says:

Perfect to get me ready this morning for some weight action…have a great day, Meredith!

Greg Mitchell says:

Excellent Senior Fitness Video! This is a perfect warmup!

Martha Sanchez says:

Thank You for the workout , not enough words to write how happy I always get when I used your videos.💐

Susan Winter says:

Great session for when I’m stuck inside due to the weather

alice martinez says:

THE BEST CARDIO WORKOUT for Seniors !!!! Been doing it now for 7 months at least.

sharoori123 says:

Exactly what I was looking for, I'm really out shape suffering with anxiety.

Joanna Lindsay says:

I am so glad I found your video.. I have thyroid issues so this will so help me in me moving my body safely thanks again.. ❤️

Elainew O'Sullivan says:

Thank you Meredith

gerardine21 says:

Yes Yes and Yes! thank you so much @seniorfitnesswithmeredith !

MaguiMaggy Mor says:

I did it again, good Sunday

My Sharona says:

I'm only 43 but I just had a double mastectomy and can't wait to workout again..I figured at least I could add in easy low impact activity like this throughout my day

Donna Colin says:

This and the stretching videos are exactly what I need. Thank you!

Catharine B. Boynton says:

I hate gyms..and being sore and found SENIOR workouts are perfect for me to start my day 🙂 I will be 50 in April🤪

nicky gotobed says:

oh my gosh thank you this is a great resource – I have joint issues and mat work is impossible for me so standing cardio is fantastic and you are a brilliant teacher – i look forward to doing more videos

About Creativity says:

Very good, Keep going! Note: took a break and our family member is back to work with "Senior Fitness With Meredith"😊

aine ni says:

that was wonderful! I really enjoyed your class

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