Over 60 Workout Plan! A Workout Plan for Older Guys! (For Complete Fitness!)

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Over 60 Workout Plan! A Workout Plan for Older Guys! Perfect Workout Schedule! This is my 4 Day Workout Cycle that I use to stay Fit. I designed this to incorporate both resistance training and cardio work in a 4 Day Cycle.
I do this in 2 sessions a day that include resistance workout and cardio workouts.
Give a try. I think you’ll find it a perfect way to get fit…even over 60!

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Join me on the journey.
Go get ’em!


Tasmaniac says:

I'm 61 started working out a couple of months ago. I'm focusing on cardio at the moment for weight loss – bike, burpees, rowing machine, running.

Then for weights I do the following twice a week for 2 sets each;

1 Vertical Push – Overhead Press

1 Vertical Pull – Assisted Pullups

1 Horizontal Push – DB Bench Press

1 Horizontal Pull – Cable Row

1 Legs Push – Leg Press

1 Legs Pull – Seated Leg Curls

1 Arms Push – Tricep Cable Push down

1 Arms Pull – DB/BB Curls
I also try to remember to do some mobility movements each day.

I'm borderline obese with a 32 BMI/35% body fat so once I get my weight down I'll then add in some isolation. Lost 4kg so far & am seeing strength increases. Determined to lose the fat & get fit & healthy. I don't want to be in my 70's/80's & needing to rely on a walker to get around. I already see too many people in that condition.

Bob Pattison says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds as though you were an athlete in the day and have a lot of muscle memory.

Darkshadow says:

Are you over 60?

Lifting with Grandpa Charlie says:

I see so many old dudes selling themselves short.
You can get strong and build muscle at any age. And without TRT or Gear.
I'll be 68 in October. I lift Hard and Heavy. When injured I work around it till I heal.
But I'm always in my weight room. It's my Church. It's where I go in Old and come out Rejuvenated. I'm too into PRs to get ripped but that's me.
Lift Heavy or Lift Light. But get in there and Lift !

Chris Buesnell says:

Why do heavy squats after volume?
Easier to warm up. Get to your heavy lift and backup. Then drop down to volume. That way much easier to build your 1 rep which also increases your reps and sets plus rep weight.
Same with bench and deadlift. But you are great for 60 plus. Im 63. Train in garage 4 times a week for about 90 mins. Good luck !

michael d. cash says:

Hey Mark, i just found your channel am i am inspired. I'm a 60 plus man and ex-gym rat and have had a home gym my adult life and impressed with your set-up but i need to know more about your door jam band setup.

Darryl Clark says:

What workout exercises would you do or create for someone who was time restricted and only had about 30 mins a day?

Lou Lopez says:

Smart common sense training,thanks again for sharing.

deborah dewar says:

i went dizzy at 7:37 imagining i was up there instead of the imaginary weight !😵

Dr. Raymond says:

If you wouldn’t mind also including the weight amounts you are using (like you did with the squats). This helps gives perspective with your reps and sets. Thank you. Also do you utilize dead lifts or dips in your training?

John M says:

Top-notch organization of workout routines! 💯🎯🔓🔑2 success!

Roy says:

Thanks Mark! Its interesting to see your workout routine.

60 Plus Fitness Journey says:

Hey Gang! In this video I show you my current 4 day workout cycle I use to stay fit! This is an example of an actual 4 day workout cycle I just completed.
I use a 2 a day workout schedule to implement both resistance training and cardio (mostly running).
Give it a try!
Go get 'em!

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