Men Over 60 Can Get Into Killer Shape (DO THIS!)

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Men over 60 can get into killer shape – Hey guys, in this video tutorial for men over 60 can get in killer shape, I am going to give you some tips on how to help make that happen. I am going to give you a few tips for getting in shape after 60, and yes it is possible so here we go.

The first thing you need to do when getting in shape after 60 years old is to realistically determine your starting point. Make sure your health is in good condition and if you need to make sure to go to the doctor to get cleared to make sure you are good to go for working to get into killer shape.

We want to focus on improving 3 things. The first thing we want to make sure of is that you are increasing your hormones, increase your metabolism, and of course increasing your energy. You want to have enough energy throughout the day to make sure you can have effective workouts, the more energy you have the more you can function properly. To do this and focus on getting in shape after 60 years old, the first thing you will need to focus on is your nutrition.

Nutrition is always the key to determining what you want to, whether its losing, gaining muscle, or just getting fit. Find your goal and determine your goal. The first thing you want to do is eliminate the junk food and processed foods. That is the first key for how men over 60 can get into killer shape. Get rid of those things first, and replace them with good nutrient dense foods, lean proteins, essential fats, and good complex and fibrous carbs. Something to keep in mind though is now that you’re older, your metabolism is already slower. Because of this, you don’t need carbs all the time, so I am going to have you do carb-cycling.

Eat carbs on the days that you workout, so that you can use that for fuel and energy. It will also help you replenish and recover from your workouts. Complex carbs is what you want to have on the days you workout, and on the days you don’t workout you want to have fibrous carbs. This is important for how to get in shape at 60.

The next thing you need to do for how to get fit at 60 years old is you have to optimize your sleep. Make sure you are getting really good sleep, your body really requires a good, deep sleep. When you hit REM sleep, that is when your body releases growth hormones which helps repair damaged tissues and helps your body to recover. Another important key for how to get in killer shape.

The next step for getting in shape after 60 years old is to get active. Wherever you are starting at, just make that progression. If all you can do is walk, then that’s fine, go walking. You need to start somewhere for getting in shape at 60. Also, you want to try and do compound lifts, compound lifts give you a bigger bang for your buck. Compound help to increase hormone levels, doing squats would be a great place to start. Also, try doing a bench press and focus on going slow and in control to have proper form and get the best results. Make sure to hit your legs and your chest and your back, get the whole body.

Doing these compound exercises will not only increase your testosterone levels, but it will also help you boost your metabolism and help burn fat. A huge benefit for how to get fit at 60 years old.

Just to recap for how men over 60 can get into killer shape. You want to focus on your nutrition and carb-cycling, make sure you are getting good REM sleep each night, and get active. Put all these things together and it will help you with getting in shape after 60 years old. Again, go at your own pace and take it gradually because we are all starting at a different fitness and conditioning level.

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Live Anabolic says:

Hey man, so you can get into killer shape at 60+ and I'll share how in this video! Comment below and let me know what you think.

Paul johnson says:

We can also be in killer shape when it comes to stamina and lean body fitness too…. Look at Mick Jagger on tour with the Rolling Stones at 79 years old……. Many young guys who do the gym would be way out of breath after attempting Jaggers two hour stage routine lol.

Razzle Dazzle says:

I will tell you this. No one gets more respect in a gym than an OG over 60 who is fit and is in good shape…and that is the truth. Even more than those young jacked meat heads.

Doug Bloom says:

60 years old .Flexibility and mobility are paramount. Hydration and nutrition. Martial 🥋 arts ,
Gratitude 🙏🏼 and Attitude.
Be happy do not focus on lack .

Air Pros says:

Move. Everyday. Calories in. Calories out. No processed foods. No sugar. No wheat. If you’re older, workout moderately everyday. In 3 months you’ll change your life. Try and not be a pussy like most fat Americans. Think like an Indian. Get a grip on your fat ass. That is all

Nickname unavailable says:

us older guys do not need to focus on bulking up with ' gym muscles" or exercises. We need to focus on flexability, neuromuscular control/ balance and practical, functional strength. I still see older guys who try to bulk up at the gym but move like crap and stiff like a log in the real world.
Think about it..

doubanjiang says:

Well he was right about one thing: hormones. Older fellas can get into good shape sure. But to get into ‘killer’ shape, you’re gonna have to hop on the test at a minimum. Right Mark? Greg? Hello?

Garth Hunt says:

Just wondering how old the gentleman is in this video. If he’s 60, I want his workout regimen!

John sarab says:

Men of my age 9over 65) think muscles and strenght is what it is all about. Cardiovascular is where it's att. PEOPLE DON'T DIE FROM WEAKENESS OR LACK OF MUSCLE.

Augustine Vargas says:

Great video, very easy to understand. I'm 62 and want to start an exercise plan to get healthy and fit. I do work 8_5 pm. My question is when is the best time to do my workout? Morning, lunch (1-hour break), or evening? help !!

Brad says:

Very helpful.

Pat McCarthy says:

I'm 65 and living in my prime. A little slower, not much. I workout 4 days a week, but the keys to longevity are love, prayer, and fasting. Every two months, do a 2 day fast, and do the last one of the year for 3 days.

warren saillard says:

I'm 66 and do keto, weight training 4/5 days every week plus lots of walking I've lost 18kg very easily building lean muscle I feel great

Joseph Davies says:

As a 67 year old I really appreciate how you gear your videos to us old guys.

Bob Skaftfeld says:

No specifics here! Tough to follow! High level talk, not much on details!

Richard Earp says:

I tried to click on the free work out. Did not work. Possibly problem on my end. Help if you can. Thanks

Mystery47 says:

Nonsense. A lot of "ordinary" athletes eat good and are choosy and selective in their diets and they don't have big, puffy muscles. So how does diet, as this video claims, get us in "Killer Shape"? It doesn't. WEIGHT TRAINING (resistance exercises) are the only things that produces muscle bulk. And judging by the size and shape of your muscles and the company title (Live Anabolic) I'm suspecting that the secret to your success is drug enhancement. So stop with the clean eating nonsense and tell us the truth and not spin some fables for us to believe.

God Zoo says:

This crap is for some broken down geriatrics. I'm 58 years old and I do Dorian Yates hardcore workout out 4 times a week and about to switch to Ronnie Coleman 5 day split.

robert Campbell says:

I’m 65, hit gym three times a week, walk everyday, get in a couple long bike rides, watch my sugar intake, life is good.

Andy Thurlow says:

As soon as you put emphasis on carbs I switched off. Total bollocks

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