Managing Elbow Pain Caused By Weight Training

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In this video, Maryke explains why you can develop pain on the inside (golfer’s elbow) or outside (tennis elbow) of your elbow from weight training or CrossFit. She also discusses how you can adapt your training to allow it to recover.

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Rahvan says:

5years, tried everything it feels like. I cant even do 100g reverse curl without feeling worse. How the hell am i supposed to get better? Please help me save my life

Fire Flames says:

How much time should the recovery rest be like a couple of days or a week?

Ross Koumantarakis says:

thing that sucks is I did the whole rest thing, took it easy for months, then after that, 2 weeks back in the gym and bang it's back, not as bad as before but it came back nonetheless.

I suppose I didn't do the strengthen gradual training thing properly.

prezo1975 says:

Thank you for the info! l'll stop stretching. I strained a tricep doing Standing Overhead Tricep Extensions 2 months ago, haven't worked out since. Now for the last month pain is also radiating down into the forearm as what some describe as Golfers Elbow… Is this common with a Tricep injury ?

TKF says:

I've been dealing with what I believe to be tennis elbow for probably about 2 months now. I believe it was caused by overloading triceps on lying dumbbell presses (skull crushers), combined with reverse curls. Anyhow, I knew the next day I had a problem, as I could barely pick up my phone at work. I cut way back lifting initially, but then we had two massive snowfalls, in which I had no choice but to shovel a ton of snow. Neither of those helped me out. I've tried to do a couple workouts in the past month or so, which typically there's not any extra pain during, but the next day.

For the time being, I'm staying away from weightlifting entirely, and just focusing on cardio workouts. Unfortunately, little things like putting on and taking off my coat, or opening doors, or washing my hands, or typing, are all aggravating the pain. All of these seemingly mundane things cause more pain, irritation, and aggravation, then actually lifting weights. I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point, as these things are much harder to avoid than lifting. In addition, things like doing laundry, dishes, getting groceries, etc. I've tried/done a number of stretches, exercises recommended by physical therapists, some of which provide temporary relief. I've also been wearing a brace, quite a bit, as it's about the only thing that consistently provides relief.

karthik reddy says:

Being a sports person I knew all these but still I decided to be a stupid idiot.
While doing skull crusher exercise I loaded over weight and now my tennis elbow is in pain.
Is there any medication to fast process this recovery ???
Plz tell me if there is any 🙏🏼😅

Daniel Herber says:

Very informative. Thank you.

Carl The Yoda says:

Great video with actionable info!!

meishii says:

This is a mistake I made today, I immediately jumped on too many reps too quickly. Just as I lay down and laid my elbow on my stomach I felt a sharp pain. Thank you for this advice I'll be taking a rest tomorrow and plan out my routine

GlacialImpala says:

Thank you! After 12 straight weeks of being pushed to the limit at the gym (a total sedentary beginner of 15+ years) my bf got a pretty bad case of tennis elbow and even some hip tendonitis too.
I will pass on your advice to stop using his arms for a while and try to strengthen the extension muscles before he goes back to big loads. Man, I hate very young personal trainers that take your body and ruin it just because they themselves are hyped about training.

A B says:

Correct advise !!!

HIRawStra8edge says:

it appears to be the only video that makes sense, now I kow why doing all the stretching and rolling out made it worst.

Rick Moore says:

Great video, thanks.


Doing curls in an unusual position and misjudged the 20 pounds PSI hyperextended my arm at the elbow.and bam pain. I couldn't do pull ups, six days ago and ouch,

Davidam950 says:

thanks what about anconeus syndrome lateral elbow pain

Santiago Parodi says:

Thank you very much. I had an elbow injury and going back to the gym I pushed my arms too hard and had an acute overload problem with my tendon, so now I know what to do! <3

Aidan Davis says:

This is such an excellent channel. I'm trapped in a youtube "broscience" bubble, filled with terrible advice about how to deal with weightlifting injuries. A lot of the advice is stuff like "doing sets of 50-100 reps to increase blood flow to help the tendon heal". Thanks to your channel, I now understand that that's ridiculous; you're not helping the tendon heal by doing MORE exercise with it! Just avoid doing the things that make it hurt, progress slowly, and that's all you can really do on your own! A lot of us just don't want to swallow the hard pill that healing can take a long time and there's not much you can do to speed that up other than avoiding hurting it more. Thank you!

@Abhi23 says:

Thank you! ❤️ From India

d7ombino / دحومبينو says:

Thanks for info❤️

B T says:

This channel is SO good. Thank you. I was not resting enough. Doh.

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