Cardio vs. strength training: What you need to know

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Cardio and strength training affect your body differently, and both are essential to your health and well being. Watch this video to learn how.

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XD Gelo cruz says:

It is okay Monday-Tuesday cardio and then Wednesday rest and Thursday-saturday strength workout.

Arin Adams says:

I would say do a mix of both. Alternate every other day and make sure you are also getting in your rest days as well.

Carnage Cabage says:

I do 2 ½ hours of cardio per week and… I just checked and wow, I do the same amount of strength training per week too haha! Could do more, but my schedule doesn't work out right now 😒 😕 😫

Tifah Tifah says:

I do both lol

Yogesh Bankar says:

Not only cansar but all lifestyle disorders

KC Charles says:

Andre Iguodala

Jacob Miles says:

This video title is stupid, just because you get stronger lifting weights doesn't mean you are training for strength…

TheProtocol48 says:

For newbie’s, do whatever exercises you will ACTUALLY do. If walking is all you’ll do in the beginning then walk.

Mzmzmzm Sndjs says:

For men- Cardio is NOT good for specifically weight loss. But it’s good for overall health. if you want to lose weight then life weights and build muscle. Building muscle will increase your metabolism.

Terrance S Ellington says:

do I need days dedicated to cardio?

NB says:

I'm a serious runner (marathons & half marathons) who switched from bodybuilding (I was a 95kg bodybuilder in college and did zero cardio like most bodybuilders). So I have about 10 years of bodybuilding, followed by about 10 years of pure cardio. Here is what I will say. Running/cardio will lead to high endurance and being shredded. Though you always look somewhat skinny-fat because that is the body optimised for running (some fat reserves. It's not good to be without fat as a runner/cardio athlete). So the fact is I simply looked more masculine & better as a bodybuilder. However as a runner I feel lighter and more fit, I could not run up a flight of stairs before and was always out of breath (due to heavy muscles), now I can. But truth absolutely be told, I will say that I feel the bodybuilding lifestyle & training (I'm not talking about PED users of course) is superior to being a runner. I felt more jacked, powerful, and had less injuries and problems being a bodybuilder than being a runner. I run with perfect form and am lean like a skeleton, but I feel I am impacting my joints and bones, I often have pain from running though I am careful and stretch well after runs. I also don't think my heart is healthier than before, it's more endurant but also more used. You might ask why I am not going back to bodybuilding? Because frankly I'm now addicted to being a runner. It's hard to go back.

yahya ayman says:

Damn that video naild it

Yousuf bin says:

What you do,do regularly..

Frost Scoop says:

Women in luteal phase cycle may consider doing strength than cardio for lean muscle benefits .👍

Ed Gar says:

I like doing a little of both helps me clear my mind.

Gabriel Mendez says:

I wanna gain muscle. Does home exercise work? I'm thinking of getting a gym membership, but I really don't know a lot about the exercise equipment. Tips?

Anvesh Reddy says:

The title should be cardio and strength training

Tejas Mehta says:

What if I only do cardio?

Saleh says:

We’re missing these one minutes videos

Ella says:

Is there a way to do cardio and Not lose weight?

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