Building Muscle Over Age 40 – Complete How-to Guide

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Building Muscle Over Age 40 – Complete How-to Guide – Thomas DeLauer

Up until now you’ve been told that you have to go to the doctor and get some special treatment in order to actually build muscle over the age of 40. I’m here to tell you that if you understand your body and you understand timing and you understand cellular rejuvenation properly, you don’t have to do that. You can build muscle just by knowing timing and knowing the specific kinds of workouts, even if you’re over 40, okay? Even if you’re over 50, 60, 70. So we’re going to break it all down for you. I’m going to teach you what’s happening inside, unfortunately, the aging body, right? I’m also going to teach you just different little tips and tricks that you can apply to get the most out of your workouts, the most out of your nutrition, and the most out of your timing. So you’re going to have a solid answer to it.

This video is also good for people who are interested in how to build muscle over age 50 as well. The principles can be applied at any age, to be honest.

So the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine published a study that found that as you get older, you do need to increase your protein to maintain muscle mass. In fact, they said, based on their standards, it goes from 0.8 grams per kilogram up to 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Now that’s based on that scale. So if we take that into consideration, we’re basically looking at like a 30% increase in protein.

So let’s jump to autophagy for just a second, okay? So autophagy, again, is going to be the opposite of what you think. We normally think of autophagy as associated with fasting and just shrinking things down. But again, it’s all about efficiency. You see, the journal Cell Metabolism published a study that found that autophagy is what allowed muscle to be spared.

So now we have to break this down with when should you train? Should you train in the morning? Should you train in the evening? Should you train fasted? What should it be? Well, there’s a study that was published in the journal PLoS One, okay, and this study took a look at people that worked out in the morning and worked out in the evening.

They found that people that worked out in the morning had significantly higher levels of norepinephrine. They also had higher levels of cortisol and higher levels of testosterone. So that tells us at first that we think we should work out in the morning. Okay, I’m all for working out in the morning, but here’s what we have to remember. A lot of people say that working out in the morning is better because testosterone levels are higher. Well, I have another study that I have to reference that proves that that isn’t necessarily the point.

The Journal of Applied Physiology published a study that found that muscle protein synthesis was actually higher in women post-workout than it was in men, despite the fact that men had 45 times higher testosterone levels after the workout.

So I know this was a lot, but the general point of this is 30% more protein, timing your fast how I suggested, and I know it’s complex. And the other days, eat a lot more protein and add those autophagy- boosting foods. So this will help you build muscle. And I’m sorry it was long-winded, but I had to explain it. As always, make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on my channel and I’ll see you in the next video.


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Jason MP says:

Its worth watching the whole 23 minutes til the end. I did

Jason MP says:

Excellent video. Age 45 . male here. Thanks

Luis Rodriguez says:

As we get older the kidney function also start decreasing. I have read that increasing the amount of proteins after 40 years old can kill the kidneys. Any feedback?

L.A.//2//HOUSTON says:

In the video with Dr Berg you said the ideal protein is between .5-.7 of body weight. Any more than that will turn to sugar and is wasted. So this turns to 1.2 over 40? 🤔

Nishaan Sandhu says:

Time under tension protocol 😀 im so excited to try this consciously (along with the fasting before workout), super awesome, thank you!

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Sooo junk sets are good??

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Auto Fuji. . . on top of G. . . auto-subtitles just doesn't get it

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I'll save y'all a bunch of trouble, gear and HGH, thank me later

vida investor says:

I fast at night and morning I love to run fasted but I like to train having some food and hour before and a heavy meal after I'm 39 I will increase my volume

Joseph Santana says:

750mg twice per day from Dark Cacau Chocolate stimulates Stem cell growth, from flavonoids.

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Desr Jesus dude lol. Who the fk can seriously do this ffs !?

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Please what can I do to increase my man manhoo

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is it okay to use omega 3 + vitD vitamins for omega 3?

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Very informative, but I just want the cliff notes. Lol 👨‍🎓 ✌🤔👍

Adam Scott Fit says:

Most people can benefit from having muscle, at any age. It's never too ate to start!

Lokal writer Utku says:

How many hours should I spend on weight training and also cardio I am confused.

Gwen Sampson says:

This was so informative…this whole session

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So workout should be done best in the evening or in the morning?

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All you need is $$$$$$ to build muscles (Period)

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