Best Routine For Men Over 40 | Beginners

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Best Routine For Men Over 40 | Beginners


Kamel Warte k says:

I never believe that peoples over 40 cannot build muscle

EscobarStyle says:

I’m not sure if you’ll answer this since this video is old BUT I am 43 and what I am having trouble with is my stomach area. I am fit but not in that area. Metabolism slowed down a lot and what I’ve been doing is drinking lots of water and eating better. It still doesn’t help. Are their workouts I can do to help my mid section for a stronger core? Thank you

Jerry Heughins says:

many people are like how do you do all that I tell them 1 rep 1 bite 1 day at a time

Jerry Heughins says:

I started at 41 now 42 weighted push ups curls, weighted walking biking, now I'm doing some core workouts eating as clean as I can

Svein Olav Larsen says:

He doesn’t share the training program in this video…

Abraham Pulgarin Cervantes says:

And the routine?

Apex_grind says:

I like your advice. But the point that makes me question your experience is "the best". I been working out since the late 70s, there aren't no "bests".

Terrance Burgess says:

Just started working out at 45 I love sweets I'm 6'5 240 want to gain muscle but not be bulky

The ProAgent Team - Bronwyn Scott-woods Raywhite says:

I would also suggest STRECHING. As we get older this becomes more necessary.

DadBod says:

I’ve always found the best way to start is to do a program that involves only body weight. Particularly push-ups, pull-ups (if you can), squats, plank etc. The biggest motivator and thing that made me stick to it was seeing my triceps grow noticeably after just a couple of weeks of push ups. And once I started to see tangible results I was hooked. As for diet I was relatively healthy already so all I did was buy some protein powder for after my workout and also created a morning shake that had about 900 calories but is healthy and tasty! After that I then moved to doing gym work once I’d built up a bit of core strength to start adding more mass. The key point is to try get some muscle going BEFORE you splash out on a gym membership, and once you’re fully motivated then maybe think about the gym. Anyway, that’s what worked for me.

John Volker says:

I miss the old intro. Hey is that Brian DeCosta on stage with you in the last scene of the intro?

Craig Clarke says:

How do I build muscle after years of inactivity and health issues at 35 this video is great but you have been in the fitness regime for 25 years as you mentioned what about people who are weak looking for redemption.

Shantanu Awasthy says:

What an encouraging video – thanks!

Polt Fitness says:

I’m closing in on 40! Thank you for this 💪

ScoutsOut says:

Work your ass off, get good sleep, and eat right…..mystery solved.

t-ray guage says:

good info sir. but, very long winded. us old people want to get to the point. a gym is not required. just get up.. and move. push ups and bodyweight movements can get u in the best shape. just stick with it.

themairt1 says:

Hi, just subscribed, where do I find your free guide? Thanks

st77able says:

Hi Paul, I am happy to find your channel. I am was born in 1977 and training for 9 years 1.80 cm tall 94 kg roids free with a lot of fat 🙂 %22 fat ratio . It has been more than 2 years i quit going gym because of covid19. I work out at home. I have a pair of dumbells 35 kg each (70 kg total) and a flat bench. I dumbell bench press twice or 3 times a week. I do 50 or 55 reps total 5 sets (10 -11 reps each set) and 7 min rest between sets then i work out athlean x 6 pack promise abs work out regularly. I have also a sand bag and speed ball. I train muay thai 1 hours at a training session 2 or 3 times a week to put off some weights. My target is able to lift 5 reps 50 kg dumbell press each dumbell(100kg total) flat bench press. I decided power lifting because even if i have been training over 9 years my body looks like 1 or 1.5 year trained body :). So i was demorolised. Can you please give me some suggestions to achieve 50 kg dumbell press goal? I am stucked… Thank you

Luke Burny says:

I'm 43 led a crazy life drugs and drink etc I'm planing on being as fit as possible I've been jogging for 4 months and feel the best I've ever felt since my teens!

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