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Hate to go under the knife or needle? Then say no to anti-ageing facial surgeries and discover the magic of facial yoga! I have come forth today to share these awesome facial yoga techniques with you, because facial yoga has been a subject I have been covering in my videos quite often; and I had received more than a million views from my viewers on one of my previous facial yoga videos! Considering that facial yoga is something my tribe is so fond of, I thought why not have some more cool videos on this superb beauty regimen and motivate my viewers to make it a part of their lives. So to begin with, facial yoga has been a part of my daily routine for almost a decade now, and I must say, I have seen some mind-blowing results with facial yoga techniques—not only do I look younger but I also have a plump and firmer looking skin!

Among its many benefits, facial yoga helps in slowing down the aging process, makes you look younger and beautiful, smoothens wrinkles, relaxes your eyes, helps with headaches, lifts your mood and most importantly, boosts your overall confidence. Additionally, facial yoga encourages the production of collagen—the protein that keeps skin elastic and gives it a plump, youthful feel. Imagine how amazing it could be if you could have all these benefits in just 3 to 4 minutes every day? Yes, you heard it right! 3 Minutes….That’s all you need to meet a younger you. So get ready and start with these few exercises…

Puff up your cheeks
Fill your mouth with air and shift the air from the left cheek to the right cheek and then vice versa. Do this for 30 seconds and then gently release the air. This exercise will help in strengthening your cheeks and making them look firm.

Pout.. .pout.. .pout! All you have to do is pout a few times as if you are kissing and you can have those amazing younger looking cheeks.

Stick your lips together
Press both your lips together like you do after you apply lipstick and smile. Get those pink lips and firmer cheeks with this magic move!

Chin lift
Tilt your head upwards looking at the ceiling. Tighten your lips and protrude them forward as if trying to kiss the ceiling. Hold on to this position for a few seconds and then release slowly.
This exercise will help that double chin disappear…!

Forehead exercise
Place the fingers of your right hand on your mid forehead and look up while keeping your face straight. Now move your eyebrows in the upward and downward direction. Repeat a few times to release stress and tension in the forehead muscles.

Neck exercise
Start with keeping your head straight. Now look towards your right and then move your head in front to look straight. Now repeat the same motion towards your left side. Repeat a few times to have a firm neck and release stress from your neck nerves.

Tap it!
Tap your fingers gently under your eye and keep tapping while moving towards your forehead and then do the same in reverse direction. Reduce under eye sagging and dark circles while this move works under your eyes.

Roll your neck up and down
Keep your head straight. Look down at the floor while moving your neck in the downward direction and then look up at the ceiling. Repeat this motion a few times to have a firm jaw line and ease stress in neck muscles.

So all you need is a daily investment of 3 to 4 minutes in this beauty regimen and trust me, you will see a transformation! We cannot stop ageing, but we can slow down the process and age gracefully. So let’s do it together. I promise you, I will be coming out with more videos that will help you achieve your beauty goals. Until then, stay in touch.

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Have you tried facial yoga before? If yes, what results have you seen? Do write to me.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Love and Health,


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Green ganja smoke every day and do this exercise you looking 16 when your age 60. Take vitamin C everyday.

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Sirina Zer says:

Uma please I'm looking for a sincere answer did you really had Botox or filler …is your face really naturally young … I'm just asking cus I noticed that most of YouTubers talking about this issue had some Botox

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Hi, i did this for more than 2 weeks and realized that its quite effective, but I have lines from my nose to the sides of the mouth now. Does this happen? How do i get rid of it?

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