61-year-old CEO shares his tips for staying fit at any age

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Take-Two Interactive chief Strauss Zelnick now sharing his 90-day plan to jumpstart your health and fitness in his new book. https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/wellness


3 says:

Just hope he doesn't pick the wrong house.

Gerard Vinet says:

Be spiritual , but don't forget to play my Grand Theft Auto video series ????

Carly Steffen says:

If you have keep having trouble permanently losing superfluous weight with time, you’re getting old (as in aging like how spoiled milk would which would be the not so pleasant way)! In order to stay fit, you don’t just need physical exercise but also cerebral exercise! I’ve had a membership with a cerebral fitness site called HAPPYneuron for a rather long time and therefore can see the history of my brain health and how that gets better with time!

anas 447 says:

He looks like a fit 40 yr old, this is amazing

C says:

If he's all natural, then huge respect to him because I know how hard it is to get results at that age. If he's on any sort of testosterone or growth hormone regimen then I think that should be mentioned in the story. So many men are on testosterone and growth hormone these days, which makes fitness gains so much easier.

Lucy says:

Doctor approved diet includes gluten and break and whole milk. I think we have to do our research for ourselves.

Matt H says:

I got insecure watching this but he is ceo of GTA , I have to like him. Next GTA better be amazing dawg

A Regular Guy says:

I will turn 55 this year, and I have been advocating for everyone to maintain good fitness throughout life. I have injured both knees and ankles over the years, but I recently posted a video of my attempt to touch a b-ball rim. If I can keep fit, then anyone else can. See my video below:


Nam Era Aviator says:

I'm 70 and work out everyday, all day!



David Powell says:

Outside of having religious cultism as one of his pillars I'm a fan.

Eagle push says:

My grandfather is more fit than him

orangecrush455 says:

In 2055 I'll be 59, see you in 33 years.


Very good.. be healthy.


Step 1 be a CEO

Akash Magar says:

Ohh mineboiling 👌🏼💖

jimlucas_ says:

Funny how he didn't mention TRT but he's clearly on it. Another fake natty, nothing special.

cheese says:

is anyone going to mention how this 1000000% TRT

Harvey Holloway says:

I am 72 and live in the same quality of health. I am not into weights but ride mountain bike with power and work out on a Stairmaster at least three times per week. The reason I can still do this is my cardio health is excellent.

Gavin Perry says:

Well obviously, Reed Richards can always look the way he wants to

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