1 Face Exercise to Sculpt Face Naturally/ Anti-age Face yoga 2020/ Blush with me

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Hello viewers, Here’s how you can do my 1 FACE FIRMING EXERCISE and tighten your Full face. This Anti-aging Face yoga will help you get rid of deep wrinkles, Fine Lines, nasolabial folds, crows feet, forehead wrinkles in a few weeks. Reduce cheek fat and face puffiness to look better for your age without undergoing knife, botox or Face-lift surgeries

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Viviana Dorado Rocha says:

En español por favor

Jenneh Zanwonjah says:

How to smooth the face

Gail Cuffie says:

Do you have before and after pictures of women who are over 50 years old? Out of those million viewers could you show pictures? Thanks so much.

Anosha Waseem says:

I want. Exercise for spine

Lavonzell Johnson says:

I would like to signup for individual facial workouts please email me because I do not see where I can signup for that .


Yoga for nose shape and bulgy upper lip muscles

malka rajpoot says:

Any face yoga for removing wrinkles

Damodharan Damodharan says:

You are look like MichaelJackson😮

Lateef Banu says:

I want to reduce shoulder n arm

Joyce says:

Is it OK to pucker my lips as shown on the video? That seems to emphasize the wrinkles around my lips.

Tanyha Burnett says:

thank you so much grate video

sama Khan says:

A̺w̺e̺s̺o̺m̺e̺ e̺v̺e̺r̺y̺ e̺x̺e̺r̺c̺i̺s̺e̺s̺ o̺f̺ y̺o̺u̺r̺s̺ .̺d̺e̺a̺r̺ p̺a̺m̺i̺t̺a̺ p̺l̺z̺ p̺l̺z̺ s̺h̺a̺r̺e̺ g̺o̺o̺d̺ e̺x̺e̺r̺c̺i̺s̺e̺s̺ o̺f̺ b̺a̺c̺k̺ a̺c̺h̺e̺ .̺y̺o̺u̺ a̺r̺e̺ g̺o̺o̺d̺ i̺n̺ e̺x̺p̺l̺a̺i̺n̺i̺n̺g̺ e̺v̺e̺r̺y̺ m̺u̺s̺c̺l̺e̺ f̺u̺n̺c̺t̺i̺o̺n̺ .̺p̺l̺z̺ m̺a̺k̺e̺ v̺i̺d̺e̺i̺s̺

Elizabeth Leiva says:

Xf. Español

Carolyn Blackmon Hall says:

Don't give up keep doing it every day..it takes time just like with any other workout regimen…you will not be disappointed I promise you.. every week you will feel your muscles getting stronger in turn you can do the exercises more effectively..which makes you start seeing more results…it can take weeks or even months but the blush with me videos have changed my life I love my skin and where I'm headed in the future…I use only natural products on my hair and skin I do yoga and face yoga every day and I am 50 but no one believes it and with these videos it's getting even better…ps my boobs are looking amazing do the breast workout routine

Mysterious Moonlight says:

God you talk a lot its tough to understand if its abt face or you

Jashu Kapadiya says:


Jyoti Mohite says:

VERY NICE EXCERCISE 👏👏 will try 👍👍

Laura T says:

But in another video you said it to squeeze the lips in an O position because it intensifies the rinkles around the mouth

michael holtzman says:

I'm a 60yr old male. I started doing the exercises 2 weeks ago and already my face is changing!
It really does work…
Thank you for your help!

Rebecca Grimske says:

I can’t find the app 🤷🏼‍♀️

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