What is ACL Surgery?

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The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is one of several ligaments that stabilize your knee. If you’ve injured or completely torn your ACL, you may experience your knee “giving out” when you need to quickly change direction.

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, our orthopedic surgeons and Sports Medicine Team specialize in treating ACL injuries in children, teens and adults; they can offer several options to reconstruct your ACL. We also help guide young athletes through their post-surgery rehab to get them back up to speed. With time and patience, you can recover from your ACL injury and get back to the sports and activities that you love.

To learn more, visit https://www.childrenscolorado.org/conditions-and-advice/conditions-and-symptoms/conditions/acl-injury/

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Mahesh Yadav says:

I got right knee pain while iam running I visited orthopedic doctor he told me as take mri scanning and come back then after I have been taken MRI..in the mri report has contain 1)partial thickness tear of antirior cruciate ligament 2)horizontal tear of the posterior horn of medial meniscus
these are the problems are there in my mri report let's please help me and tell me what i do the next ? To recover my leg fast from this pain…anybody else 🙏🙏

Faiz Muhammad Irfan says:

i slept first in sleepover

10 second memes says:

It never heals still get injured sometimes if I’m too tough

Md tawhid Islam says:

স্যার আমার হাটু ফলে ব্যথা করে না কারণ কি

Shirotera 1601 says:

The injury who destroys Ronaldo Nazario's full performances

Jake Olais says:

I tore my ACL last 2017 and never recovered. My biggest wish is to take surgery but not enough money and supprt from the government im from Philippines . I wish that somebody will help me 😢

Albat Khan says:

Sir how mach cost plass


The gym /Pe coach allowed the 7 th grade girls to roll up the cheerleader mats like burritos and use them as hurdles on the gym floor in a game of tag, in which my 12 yr 8 mos neice tore her LEFT ACL trying to outrun the girl about to tag her !!!She was headed for a basketball scholorship IMO, & now this stupid certainly unauthorized made up activity at her school in Leander tx has caused this extremely challenging injury. IM PISSED ! Where is the common sense of athletic teachers to allow such a foolish game on a hard court wood gym floor ?? IMO the school needs to held liable for her injury and future complications, just as a company would be held liable for an on the job injury …..!!!!! Any ATTORNEYS OUT THERE AGREE & QUALIFIED ??????



Afsal Ak says:

I was 2 years ago …. The doctor had an accident, the knee of my right leg was broken and I had surgery to remove Inikibee from the top of my thigh to the base of the heel, can I walk smoothly..is there a chance for another surgery? Can you fix my condition, sir?

Ramesh Maradi says:

What is the costs of this surgery


Watch this after my boy chillwelll got injuried after juventus match 😭😥

Nauman Khan says:

I'm not sure what to do.

I had torn my ACL 4 months ago while playing football. The pain at the was severe I could not walk etc. However 4 months down the line I'm feeling much better I'm going to the gym and running etc. My doctor who specialises in this field and seeing my MRI scan is saying I should get the surgery. Now I don't know whether to take the surgery. I'm struggling to make a decision, he was clear and said I should get it.

Tenzin Choden says:

I am having surgery tomorrow, wish me luck

Z U says:

Tore my acl and both meniscus august 10 2020, had surgery May 26 2021 after 9 and a half months of excruciating pain and absolutely no life other than working in a kitchen that only hurt it more. It’s august 18 2021 i made it a quarter into the video and started crying uncontrollably. I’m 24, I hope I can run again. I used to be so fast, so strong and capable. May Allah give me and all of you strength to overcome this battle . I don’t consider my rehab to be rehab, I consider it fighting for my life and fighting to be who I once was

Miko lagria says:

Maddie madayag’s injury brought me here 🤣

Mitt Obama says:

How do you fix partial tear? Like what happened to Kawhi Leornard.

Luchi loves you says:

Here after Giannis injury

Constant NBA Cards says:

Kawhi noooo

Colorless Oz says:

I think I went into shock watching this. I tore my acl a month ago and in a few weeks I will be getting surgery. It scares me.

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