Stretches to Help Improve Achilles Tendonitis

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Try these three easy movements to help relieve pain associated with Achilles tendonitis. Increasing mobility in the calf and working on ankle stability helps build a strong foundation to keep pain at bay.
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Manpreet Singh says:

I have pain in my Achilles And have some swelling.., Starting of day it hurts when I wake up but when I m doing some activities its normal after some time ..and and one more when I wear chappal it pains but during shoes its normal(less pain occur) ques is can I go for running at that time by wearing shoes because it's urgent?? please guide mee

SevenDeMagnus says:

I already love Dr. Breann. God bless you Dr.

Rebel Gamer Official says:

You are so beautiful

shivu sm says:

Your are beautiful doctor

Creativity Show says:

Good idea 💡

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