Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

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In this video, our lead litigator and partner Tim Williams discusses one of the areas most commonly injured in serious accidents involving the knee: the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The purpose of the ACL is to keep the knee stable, to keep it from twisting or bending in an unnatural way. Unfortunately, because it is located in the middle section of the knee, the ACL is the easiest knee ligament to injure. Any twisting injury in which force is exerted from one side of the knee to the other has the potential to partially or fully tear the ACL.

If you have sustained a torn ACL or other knee injury in any kind of serious accident in Oregon and don’t know what comes next, call the experienced personal injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Potter Personal Injury Attorneys at 888-247-9023. We can explain the legal process and help you get the settlement you deserve.

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Caleb Lauber says:

ACL injury as explained by an attorney……. “YES! You can SUE someone!” Despite the fact the 70% of ACL tears are noncontact injuries.

Jun Matsumoto says:

ACL Tears heal without Surgery by Evo-Devo Exercises

EdwinValerio says:

Dammm, this guy really know he’s shit. I like that !

Thank you!

Nibu Augustine . writer. science. activism. . says:

By rule of thumb, it may heal on own if immoblized for 3-5 days if fully torn…maybe more….

JimiRay says:

love it when a lawyer explains injuries – dollars and cents

Satya Raj says:

Hello i need ask about my acl injury…before 4 month i have take a insurance..last week while im working a small accident my acl was tear when im going to hospital they told to me your acl was tear 2 years ready so this cant claim in insurance… this is posible

Борис Юсупов says:

Переведи пожалуйста на русский язык!

A Clark says:

You can call family for this.

A Clark says:

Leave 61 cents in someone else's house Im good. I serve Jesus Christ no need for a replacement . #Buck Shots


join acl and meniscus tear recovery without surgery group on facebook , it is a international group of more than 10 thousand guys who treat minor to multiligament knee injuries without surgery using physiotherpy
I also had a complex knee injury with acl , mpfl and meniscus , there are many complete tear guys , i can do 100 squats , there is no harm to join a fb group , please do not abuse me because i have faced injury problem like you or your relative ,
thanks from a knee injury sufferer

David says:

Terrible explanation of what an acl is.

Nathan Drake says:

bro Joe Burrow is screwed

Tony Talang says:

Sr I have tear 2 acl knee injury since 2017 but till now without surgery …sr I want to know from you can player play any game after surgery like i situation

Frank John says:

I am currently recovering from rupturing my ACL, it tore off the bone at one end. My surgeon opted to use a cadaver replacement and fuse my hamstring to it for a stronger graft, making therapy more grueling than usual.

Supz says:

never as good as a knee withoit the injury? people say it is. never trust a lawyers gimmick video

Katie Morgan says:

I thought when they do a repair and take muscle or tendon from elsewhere in the body that it comes from the hamstrings group and not the achilles or calcaneal tendon since it is so delicate and small….. Am I wrong?

Kodi Ezeobi says:

getting a little confuse here. what actually tears the ACL. is it hyperextension or hyperflexion

Ashley Pernell says:

I have torn both of my ACLS and if you have any questions let me know(:

Jai Boo says:

i have damaged my acl and cartilage playing football, although i have not had a meeting with a specialist yet ( as priority is low, as i can still walk). they are saying i will need keyhole surgery to repair both cartilage and alc. do you think my knee will go back to how it preformed before injury? or will i not be able to do sport seriously again? 
p.s im in my teens if that would make any difference 

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