ADVANCED Balance Exercises | Progression of Intermediate and Beginner Balance Exercise Videos

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Part 3 of my 3-part Balance Exercise series, this advanced level video takes it up another notch, building on the exercises started in my beginner video and progressed in the intermediate video, plus a few new ones added in to the mix.

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For an updated version of this video with more repetitions, slower pace and clearer demonstration, click here:
Start with the beginner level videos: and the updated version:
Then the intermediate level videos: and the updated version:

Try this supplemental intermediate level balance video using a foam pad:​.

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Lucius says:

It's great. Thank you very much!

Gila Dayan says:

Most of the time I didn't see what you did. I only saw you talking. You hardley demonstrated. For explanation I do not need to look at this video

Laurie Poeppelman says:

I suffered from Meniere's Disease for 17 years–on and off with hearing loss and vertigo. Last year, my vertigo attacks increased to almost every other day from random drop attacks, waking up in the middle of the night with vertigo, to attacks lasting as long as 30 hours. Finally, after trying a number of medications and therapies, my ENT and I agreed to the gentamycin injections in the middle ear. I lost my hearing completely in my left ear which I knew would happen but the trade off to not having vertigo was worth it. The injection effected my vestibular nerve resulting in many imbalance issues. I have been progressing through your series of videos to improve balance for 4 months. I'm now at your advanced level! Still challenged with fast left to right motion and standing on one foot with eyes closed. I am also able to do most of the head and eye exercises while walking 4-5 miles per day. I may look a little crazy while walking but it is super effective! It seems to "reset" my balance! I saw dramatic results after 3 months! Thank you so much for all of your advice and warm and caring attitude toward these challenges some of us face. I do believe persistence is the key. I do some form of the balance movement exercises every day for at least 30 minutes, no matter what! I hope to try to ride a bike soon and then….return to the pickle ball court! Again, many thanks and best wishes to you!

TheWardz Homeskool CC1 says:

I found the advanced video first. The link for the beginning level video listed here isn’t working here. When I go to intermediate and click on beginner, the link there works. Maybe the link here has an error or typo. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for these awesome videos!

Andrew Potter says:

Thank you for theses video’s, I am a professional Ballet teacher who has just been diagnosed with Menieres disease. I will use your exercises to try to regain the stability I have lost.

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