7 Minute "Good Morning!" Chair Workout for Seniors, At Home- Alone or Group, No Equipment

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7 Minute “Good Morning!” Chair Workout for Seniors, At Home- Alone or Group, No Equipment

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a chair workout for seniors. This workout can be done alone or in a group setting, all you need is a chair.

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Gabriel J Marian says:

try this every day:

Deborah Coble says:

Thank you I love the workout’s you both do, I will try to do them every day!

Vape Girl says:

Diagnosed L4/5 low spine osteoarthritis 2 days ago. Going to try gently whilst waiting for Orthapedics and physio and rheumatologist

Rafia Fazal Sayyed says:

One of your best.Thank you and God bless you both.

Дэни says:

i feel kind of embarrassed that 20 year old me is looking for "morning stretches for old people".

Virginia Walters says:

How many times a day can I do these?

Sultan SK naina says:

your language is not suitable for an international audience And your recording sound is too fragmented and lacks quality I think you need to appoint someone to fix the audio and the way you speak for an international audience other than that your planning is really good and good for orthopedic patients because of the audio you’re not good then many out there in the international arena can’t follow

Vera Hoffman says:

I find your workouts the best👏👏👏

jean anderson says:

Bob and Brad thanks for making this video. So simple yet so powerful to help maintain movement as we age. I loved that you went through each exercise with the right number of repetitions. After 7 minutes, you were done for the day. This is definitely doable!

don earl says:


Deb Kintsel says:

Thanks for the workout! Covid kicked my butt and I’m starting from scratch to get my strength back!

A.L. Zimmerman says:

Am not very ambulatory due to Ehlers Danlos. These stretches are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Ellen Brechin says:

I just found your channel, 1/10-2021. I am needing hip replacement ( I have al ready had both knees replaced) I need to loose 30 pounds before surgery, hopefully in May. I am counting calories and now I will be exercising with ya'll. Any other suggestions you may have? It would be deeply appreciated

Karen Blaise says:

I’m 71 and I like this one.

Diana Hope says:

Thank you Bob & Brad!

Wilma Ririhena says:

Can you share how to do exercises for those in wheelchair and half body paralyzed?

Cindy says:

This is a nice workout for when you are sitting at a computer or table for a while. Nice to get some motion going there to the legs and knees. Nice work out to get started with exercises, movement, and blood flow. It feels so good to think you can do something, and do it! Motivating to get started, and not be overwhelmed!

N M says:

Thank you so much B & B God bless 🙌

Jagjit Singh says:

Thanks https://youtu.be/a5NuzzNkD4o

Norma Guanzon says:

You talk too much

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