4 Unique Exercises to Fix Biceps Tendonitis (Don’t Stretch!)

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Coach E and Dr. B show you a simple 10 minute routine that will correct the underlying problems of biceps tendonitis. They’ll also discuss the underlying causes, including what Dr. B has often seen in her practice.

Does the front of your shoulder hurt when you raise your arm or twist your wrist? Are you trying to figure out what to do for a biceps tendonitis diagnosis that won’t end in surgery?

Biceps tendonitis pain comes from inflamed tendons where your bicep connects to your shoulder (which it does in two places.) If a tendon is broken, you’ll need surgery. If it’s inflamed, then stretching, rest, and ice may help, but won’t solve the structural reason you have wear and tear.

We made this video on how to heal biceps tendonitis because so much advice on the subject focuses only on the biceps. Instead, looking at the related joints and muscles can strengthen your entire shoulder correcting root cause and preventing muscle compensation in other movements too.

Give the routine a try and if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

00:00 – Intro & Anatomy Details

08:10 – Root causes of biceps tendonitis
09:55 – What to do for acute pain?
11:05 – Address rotator cuff issues
11:40 – How to fix forward head posture

11:59 – ASMR: Biceps
13:47 – Active Overhead Stretch
15:57 – Extended Elbow Wrist Fl-Ex
18:12 – Shoulder Circle Crossover


18:33 – Fundamental Precision Movements Course
22:00 – Download ROM Coach and follow all of these exercises inside the app

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3 Keys to Rehab a Rotator Cuff Tear & AVOID Surgery: https://youtu.be/o9fiTFfW4uU

Stretching WON’T Fix Forward Head Posture [But THESE exercises will!]: https://youtu.be/_-KNO3GE0l4

Precision Movement Academy: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/academy – includes everything you need to get ALL of your joints and muscles functioning properly to eliminate compensations and imbalances so you can get back to and keep doing the things you love, for life

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Paulyskidda says:

Thank you both for this information. I’ve been struggling with this now for about a year. Going to get an MRI next month to see what is wrong. But I firmly believe it’s my long head bicep tendon from watch these videos

Wes Linehan says:

It's been a year of me trying different remedies (I messed my arm up doing heavy flyes and bench). At first, I thought it was chest, then rotator cuff, and just a couple weeks ago realize it was bicep. I couldn't go to PT, so I was going through different youtube videos, using what I thought was common sense (like rubber bands, super light weight, etc.). In reality, it's movements like this I needed a year ago!

TheTrailDancer says:

Nice vid!!!

clrkkdd12 says:

That third ones feels good, I'll incorporate these in my daily work out. thank you👊🏽

Ron Kim says:

If it's the distal tendon?

drum effects says:

great video i had a shoulder injury about 4 months ago , i jumped off a ramp on my bmx and dropped on my shoulder I heard a clank and pain came instantly, it got worse over the upcoming days. i was out of service on my right arm for a month and some change. I could not move it, no strength little by little i started using it more and the pain on the shoulder left about a month and a half after the accident, but now i have a pain in my forearm, bicep and triceps when lifting certain weight or movements.also arm feels sleep when on desk. any advice?Thanks

Greg Nixon says:

These commercials every few minutes are a nuisance.

Rick I says:

Isn't that shoulder circle crossover exercise an unwanted stretch on the bicep tendon?

Joe Mason says:

I don't see the active overhead stretch and extended elbow wrist flex in ROM coach single exercises or routines, am I just missing them?

GLEN 7k says:

Thank you so much ! You prob saved me $200 from going to the physio/doctor!


Excellent presentation. Thank you. (I'm a tennis player with bicep tendonitis due to bad posture).

Shiro Campos says:

I had this pain before I ended up rupturing my bicep tendon. Now, I’m 3 weeks post surgery doing simple range of motion exercises like supination and pronation. Great feedback and information! Thanks for sharing.

Jamey Garner says:

This is a great video! For years, we I’ve focused on pec minor and found the short head of biceps to be a culprit. Do you have any ecxercises for coracobrachialis tendonitis?? Thanks coach E!

David Morris says:

Excellent presentation. Really very helpful. Thank you!

VideoPortfolio2010 says:

i just tore ruptured long head of the bicep at shoulder.. i'm fit at 45yrs old. will I be able to do overhead presses again and work out my shoulders? Seems like i will be at risk of destabilizing my shoulder joint with overhead presses or is that a wrong assumption?

Atli Fannar says:

Great video, I'm a volleyball player and have had this problem for 3 months, definitely trying!

Michael Goldman #2 says:

I may have bicep tendonitis from throwing a softball last season. I am senior man it only hurts when I throw or try to do push ups🤷🏻‍♂️

Jaime Bustos says:

The video says don't stretch but you're teaching us stretches??

Aakash Bisht says:

Coach E and Dr. B you are really great this veido very help full… thankyou

JK m says:

Hi, Thank you for the good video.
I'm currently suffering from biceps tendonitis. I've been stretching.
Is stretch bad? How about sleeper stretch?

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