10 Minute Chair Workout For Weight Loss | NO EQUIPMENT

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This 10 Minute Chair Workout For Weight Loss with NO EQUIPMENT will make you feel great!

Chair workout has never been more fun than now. You can finally get in shape while you sit without the use of expensive equipment or having to go to some germ-infested gym. Visit www.chairworkouts.com for more great workouts.

Today’s chair workout is all about consistent movement with no rest breaks for a total of 10 minutes. We transition from one move to the next every 30 seconds. This routine will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. I am going to push you to break FREE from those EXCUSES and grasp greatness.

Chair workouts are believed to be for the old or crippled. But I’m here to prove that 100% incorrect. You will feel your shoulders, legs, stomach, and many other parts of your body being worked.

Chair workouts are excellent if you find yourself short on time, have an injury that prevents you from doing certain things, and are very useful if you’re sitting down all day.

I am confident that you will get amazing RESULTS when you do my chair workouts. You are going to get sweaty and feel the burn in a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact, all I need from you is just 10 minutes,

So let’s get ready to work. Leave your comments and let me know what you would like to see next.

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Donovan Green Fitness says:

I can't wait for you to try this 10-minute workout for weight loss. Leave a comment and tell me how you did. Would you consider buying me a cup of coffee if you find my work helpful in any way? if the answer is YES, then you can do that by clicking this link: buymeacoffee.com/DonovanGF.com

Kesi Diaz says:

just had a hip replacement 10 days ago so i needed to do something sitting and this was it for me today. i was starting to get depressed because my movement is limited cause hounestly i am the kind of person that can't sit still. i feel energized, ready for my morning coffee and on my way to physcial therapy. thx for posting !

Valerie Neal says:

Love this! A quick, energizing and fun routine.

Allison Taylor says:

These workouts help me overcome afternoon fatigue! Gotta stir up my energy!

Wanda Dillard says:

Done ☑️

Christa Schreiber says:

Question 🙋🏼‍♀️
Earlier I got home from dr. , I have scattia & pinched nerve and he saw I was in better shape than 3 weeks & he told me to work my core, so is this acceptable?

Precious Herron says:

i am going to try this in the morning

Karen Hoskins says:

Awesome workout, Donovan! You do not play! Love it!!

Cindy Vazquez says:

Yes! I thought this was going to be easy! Oh my its wasn't but it was great. Thank you so much. I work on the computer all day and i thought this would be good to do. I also liked the comments thoroughout. Everytime i was about to rest you would say why is your core not tight, why are you slouching! lol its great can wait for the next video.

stephanie griffin says:

Young man you are no joke I am an OTR truck driver and I just completed your workout. I can honestly say that 10mins was something else. I never thought a chair workout could be so strenuous I truly enjoyed it and was surprised I could complete it. Thanks for giving this driver a workout I can accomplish in my truck I will be sharing with my trucking friends.

Try This Workout says:

I really enjoyed this workout. I tried it on my channel

Diana Feliciano says:

Thank you for taking the time for those of us have trouble exercising due to physical pain and limitations

Shedy Dee says:

Let's go Donavan!!!!!

shononnia2122 says:

OMG Donovan I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Thanks you!!!!❤️

Diamond Lachae says:

I know this is an older video but I’ve been looking for chair exercises to do after my RNY surgery that are able to raise my heart rate without equipment in short intervals. I am able to do minimal exercises now and I’m glad this was the 1st one I chose. Although I can’t hold my stomach in too much (I have an abd binder to help) or lift my legs I was able to get the full use of the 10 mins in my dining room. Will continue to come back to this video and others by this creator to help me stay active throughout the day while recovering from surgery. Thank you for these.

Ex Church Girl says:

Excellent class! Tfs!

Tracy Jordan says:

You are so spot on – techniques, attitude, clarity. Thank you.

catina white says:

I love it, I can do this in between calls at work, thanks for posting❣️❣️

Torressa Perry says:

I enjoyed next time I’ll use a chair!💚

Torressa Perry says:

Let’s Go💚

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