Zumba Gold Fitness – Beginner's Seated Class

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Lisa Malpas says:

Thank you so much, really needed a pick me up as foot in plaster cast for 12 weeks x

Brianna Blasquez says:

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BM Watt says:

Thank you you gave this 68 year old Senior one GOOD work out! You are AMAZING & BEAUTIFIL. Thank you for helping others to stay as physically fit as they can with your Zumba. God bless!😇

Mary Finley says:

Thanks so much. I had sleeve surgery July 2021 and at 3 months postop started doing this once a day 3-5 days a week. After 7 months I'd lost 100 lbs. Now I'm 9 months out and continue to do this 5 days a week along with a 30 minute video from Paul Eugene to get my hour of exercise every day. Have lost more weight but don't know how much because I only weigh every two months now. But thank you so much for this wonderful video. I see you made one a year ago that is standing so I will check that out. You're beautiful!

Ebony B Johnson says:

Thank you❤

Julia Sewill Farmer says:

Love this video

Kamil Kwandrans says:

Can you tell me, what is title of song started in 9:20?

Mary R. says:

I love this. I really enjoyed this. I am looking for some exercise for the seniors to use in my volunteer. Fun music, exercise and the trainer here sounds really very inspiring to workout with. I wonder if there is a version of this without the ads.

pinkjmv14 says:

I broke my left foot in eight places was in bed for 3 months. This helping get me back in place have lose 19 pounds thank you

Tania Cross says:

Thank you thank you. I finally found an enjoyable tutorial within my capability. You teach so well, i was able to transition each excercise easily making it flow nicely. You have an excellent teaching style. Thank you so much xxxx

Angie1969 says:

Just finished and really enjoyed. Thank you!

Cyndi Thoman says:

I have a feeling my doctor would highly approve of this exercise for my hips and my legs considering I'm supposed to be getting a massage therapy and and physical therapy

Roxanne LeClech says:

This was a perfect exercise for someone who’s just injured their foot. Please make more. Thank you 😊. PS. Just love your fun music choices and how you sing along ❣️

Brenda-Joyce Newman says:

This is AMAZING! I feel so good. Osteoarthritis in knees, hips, back and feet prevented me from doing regular Zumba for years. Thank you for giving back to me exercise I love and sorely missed. Viva Zumba!

Liz Otten says:

I wish she stop singing…. is a great workout but let the music do the work!

Anna Mahler says:

Thank you for this amazing way to work out! After a bad accident I have struggled to find a way to get in shape again. As I have problems with finding my balance and to coordinate my movements, this has been a perfect way to train those abilities and I get better over time. 💐💗

Tobius Holmes says:

Exactly what I needed as I use a wheelchair, and my Dr wanted me to get some light excersice, thank you

La Tonya Brown says:

thanks love this very relaxing thanks again you have a new follower.

Donna Sue says:

I have been doing a belly dance for about 5 years,
Im 67 and it's wore my hip out:(i have diseases as well,
But today i started this,loved it,and will get my weights going when
im sure of the moves:)

Rodger says:

Great routine! Who is singing Hot Hot Hot? I can't find that version on Apple. Maybe if I type in the group it will come up.

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