Build YOUR OWN Workout Plan OVER AGE 40 (Stan Efferding Special Guest)

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How do you create an effective workout plan? Well, Stan Efferding, founder of “The Vertical Diet” and the World’s Strongest IFBB Pro, was kind enough to share his evidence-based insights as to how you can create your own workout plan for hypertrophy!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:20 – Which Workout Split is Best for Hypertrophy?
1:56 – Frequency
2:17 – Volume
3:50 – Effort
6:12 – Load
8:53 – Get Grass-Fed/Finished Meat Delivered to Your Doorstep with Butcher Box
9:41 – Exercise Selection
10:34 – Exercise Order
11:36 – Tempo
12:02 – Rest Periods
14:17 – Training Split
14:38 – Periodization
16:00 – Where Does HIIT Fit In?
18:50 – Hard Work is Needed
19:55 – Twice as Hard to Gain/Half as Hard to Maintain
20:50 – Plan Your Cardio Accordingly
21:26 – How Stan Maintains a High Workload & Recovers from Workouts


John Cloonan says:

I like to super set my side lateral raises starting with 15 lb dumbbells to say 12 reps, then 10 lb dumbbells to say 12, finishing with 5 lb dumbbells where i work it til my shoulders are screaming

G Porr says:

Still unsure if failure is necessary. Ive gotten results that way really grinding a few extra.

Wolf Thiel says:

Great information, thanks. I still prefer the sprints for my HIIT but only do them uphill; requiring greater intensity with less impact.

Precision Sound Works says:

Great conversation! Well done, gents!!


That is the best video I've seen covering each individuals needs. Thank you.

Syzfit_ says:

Simple guidlines, very effective when consistent 👌🏾

shotgunsnare says:

I'm 62 I do a full body work out 2 on 1 off , my workout consists of back , shoulder, lateral squat , tri, bi , then chest , I do it with a fairly light warm up first x through then heavier 2nd and finish as heavy as I can 6 reps 3rd time. I have been doing keto for 8 months and have lost 44 lbs and put on 10 lbs of muscle , this is working for me

R un L Bros. says:

what would be the ideal workout plan for each muscle group without fatigue?

Plato Genova says:

Well, it’s all there. I can’t imagine having this much knowledge 20 years ago when I started. Tremendous video. And FREE.

Chrissy S says:

Superb content, knowledgeable and informative…BUT 10-20sets (13-16 optimum) per week is surely for the large muscle groups, chest, back, legs? 10-20 sets for biceps, triceps, calves etc on top of the battering they get from training the big compound movements is surely going to be too much ??

Rich Sandness says:

Very succinct comprehensive guidelines. I enjoyed Stan's brisk energy and personable insights. Cool interview / content, for me. 😎

JackofAll says:

Excellent information! Answered many questions I had.

TONY VEE says:

Hey Thomas you know if you want you can put your hands down we know you lift ,really you have our permission to put your hands down. 😁

Marshal Davis says:

Stan is the man. Good lookin out Thomas!

Barbell Therapy says:

Wasn’t sure about Stan Efferding but now he’s shown up with Thomas Delauer I can pretty much write him of as do anything/say anything for money.

NHZ Music says:

Is there a way to use this information for calisthenics?

Thomas Wipf says:

Good luck doing 15 reps @ 7 rpe. I like 7 rpe and 5-6 reps. For me, 7 reps @ 7 rpe is a lot and leads to extended muscle soreness. (overtraining) I'd rather do 3 sets of 5-6 or 4 sets of 5 and train again in 48hrs.

Maclean Classics says:

So I'm 50 this year… back into training after several years, doing push,legs pull , rest. Abs everyday. 3 exercises per muscle x 3 to 4 sets per exercise with drop sets on only 1 of the last sets for each group. Doing 8 to 15 reps range. This puts me at 20 plus sets per week per muscle….. Am I doing way to much and negatively affecting gains ?

Memo Akten says:

This is such an incredible and complete summary! It's like all of the scientific information (from Renaissance Periodization, Brad Schoenfeld, Bret Contreras and so many others), condensed into 20 minutes!

Post Match says:

In regards to abdominal muscles, does the load and frequency still apply? Thank you for the video.

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