20 Best Exercises You Can Do With A Resistance Band

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Join Chris Heria as he shows you the 20 Best Exercises You Can Do With A Resistance Band. Learn 20 exercises and progressions that anyone can do even beginners and hit every muscle in your body to start getting in the best shape of your life.

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Jenny Frey says:

I just purchased the work out bands that attach behind the door hinge. I have just gotten back to my original 106 weigh I have had most of my life. As I aged by belly has gotten flabby. Although i am the same weigh I am flabby. How can I get my flabby belly back?? Thanks

louie says:

your tattoos are stunning

Trawnik says:

2.12 what is hour Lega?

Angela Whiteside says:

Oh so does it not help loose weight?

q Nikos says:

where can I find a half bar like that? I've been wanting to get one just can't find a good one though.

Shawn Norris says:

That is Very awesome thanks

Justin says:

Beast mode I use them alot but you have helped me today

Peeyush Venugopal says:

Is there any specific workouts for improving throwing power..plss

Edmundo Baca says:

Thank you. Awesome

Lolization says:

Amazing video, thank you!


like ni need to do this but holy hit its so hard. I can't even pull the thing correct without fear of snapping my wrist off ;p0;

Savage Bunny says:

Someone pls tell me where to start with these bands ?
And I’ve watched a few of the bands break and it looked so painful so can I wear a backpack as a preventive measure ?

Julian Davis says:

can you create a playlist of your band focused workouts?

Krzysiek w Tokyo says:

Absolute legend 💪

Adventures of Atorina says:

Will try thank you 😌

yogesh says:

Plz make a playlist only of resistance band workout

Diego Vivar says:

Please ,how long are those bands ?

Daniel Patrie says:

exactly what i needed been doing these for a month now loving it 😄

Ahmed Lshamy says:

How many lbs should the resistance band?

Katharine Najjar says:

Does anyone know what the guy used as an anchor for the leg lifts?

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