6 WORST Mistakes Men Over 60 Make When Working Out (AVOID THESE!)

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6 Worst Mistakes Men Over 60 Make When Working Out…https://www.liveanabolic.com

A big question I get asked a lot is, what are some of the worst mistakes men over 60 make when they are trying to get in shape and build muscle? It is a good question, and that is why I am going to talk about the 6 worst mistakes men over 60 make when working out. I hope these help you to be aware, so that you can avoid them when you are going to workout. Let’s get started with these 6 worst mistakes men over 60 make when working out.

Mistake #1: YOU DON’T GET A HEALTH ASSESSMENT. I encourage you to go get checked by a doctor, to make sure you don’t have any current health issues or any lingering injuries. It is good to know where you are currently at physically, especially when it comes to your testosterone levels. You will have a challenging time building muscle, if you have low testosterone.

Mistake #2: NOT FOCUSING ON DIET AND NUTRITION. Great bodies really are made in the kitchen, so you have to understand what your body needs from a nutritional standpoint. If you are eating processed foods, and lots of sugar, you are not going to build muscle and lose fat like you want to. Make sure to get enough lean protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats.

Mistake #3: YOU DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOUR BACK AND CORE. Be honest about the condition of your back and core. It is better to work your way into the workouts, than jumping in right away and potentially injuring your back right from the beginning.

Mistake #4: GOOD/POOR POSTURE. Whether you are at work or working out, and just in everyday life, you want to make sure to have good posture. Make sure you stand up straight as you possibly can, and engage your core when working out. If you work in an office or sit in a chair for a long time, make sure to keep your back straight when sitting down.

Mistake #5: NOT BEING CONSISTENT. One of the worst things you can do is having long gaps between workouts. As well as, having a lack of intensity in your workouts as well. If you don’t pay attention, days will go by without a workout, and you are going to lose progress. You need to be disciplined because inconsistency is going to be your worst enemy.

Mistake #6: POOR FORM. When doing isolation exercises, it is important to utilize good form to make sure that you are only working the muscle group that you are training. Good form will be more optimal for building muscle, and will help prevent injury.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the 6 worst mistakes men over 60 make when working out. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and get in shape at home or in the gym.



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